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F I T N E S S  &  Y O G A  S T U D I O
S H E U N G  W A N


Centrally located in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong (2 minutes walk from Sheung Wan MTR Station A2 Exit) Monkey Business yoga and fitness studio provides a comfy and private environment for group classes, personal training, workshops and venue rentals.  Our weekly classes include Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, MonkeyFit Circuit Training, Stretch Therapy and more..  
Monkey Business 瑜伽及健身工作室位於香港上環核心地段(從上環地鐵站A2出口步行只需兩分鐘),環境舒適和私隱度高。為私人教練和團體課堂老師提供場地租用。我們每週更提供不同課程,包括瑜伽,Pilates, Meditation, MonkeyFit Circuit Training,伸展治療等。


Group Classes

Classes such as Yoga and Circuit Training!  Pay as you go, no contract or membership!

不同類型的團體課堂,包括瑜珈,  Circuit Training等。母須會籍合約!

1 : 1 Private Session
1 對 1 私人訓練

Choose from one of our trainers that suit your goal and budget!  You have their 100% attention!


Stretch Therapy

伸展完都係「放鬆」唔到 . .

伸展成日「無感覺」「唔到位」. .

我痛左好耐,好多方法都解決唔到 .

我都好柔軟,進一步可以做乜 . .


Stretch Therapy 可以幫你搵到答案 !


Venue Rental

Are you a personal trainer or group class teacher, looking for a place to train your clients or run your classes?
If your business is still in the development phase, and cannot afford expensive rent, we have the right solution for you! 

Get In Touch!

22/F, The Strand, 49 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan