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Trainers Policies
1.  This agreement is made exclusively between Monkey Business Hong Kong Limited ("MBHK") and the person signing this agreement ("Trainer")
2.  The Trainer has the responsibility to settle the booking fees directly with MBHK;
3.  MBHK is not responsible to collect any fees from the Trainer's clients.
4.  Trainer must possess a recognized qualification for personal training and a valid CPR Certificate.  It is the trainer's own responsibility to keep these certificated up to date, and copy of these certificates must be provided to MBHK free of charge upon request.
5.  Trainer with expired CPR Certificate may be refused to use the Studio without refund, and the trainer must provide a copy of the renewed certificate to resume training.
6.  Trainer is strongly advised to purchase appropriate insurance and liability protection on heir own.  
7.  Trainer is strongly advised to conduct risk assessment on their own clients.
8.  MBHK is not liable and/or responsible for the safety of the Trainer's clients.
9.  All Trainer's clients must complete a waiver liability form (www.monkeybusinesshkg.com/waiver) before accessing the Studio.

Booking Policies
10.  Fees for all bookings and packages must be paid in advance.
11.  Bookings and packages are not transferable or refundable.
12.  Expired sessions will not be refunded or compensated.
13.  100% fee will be charged for no-show or cancellation within 24 hours prior to booking.
14.  All bookings and cancellations must be processed on the online booking system to become valid.  Trainer have full responsibility in keeping their bookings up to date on the online booking system.
15.  Should the trainer or client is late for their booked session; they will only have the remainder of the booked period of time.  No compensation will be provided.


Liability Disclaimer
16.  The use of the facilities located on 22/F, The Strand, 49 Bonham Strand, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong (The Studio) naturally involves the risk of injury to a client himself/herself or other trainers and clients whether caused by the trainer, client or someone else.  The trainer and his/her client understand and voluntarily accept the risk.  The trainer warrants and represents that their client has consulted a physician prior to beginning an exercise program at The Studio.  The trainer and his/her client agrees that MBHK will not be liable for any injury including, without limitation, personal bodily harm, or mental injury, economic loss, or any other damage to the trainer and his/her client resulting from the acts of utilizing the facilities or acts of MBHK employees, representatives or partners.
17.  The Trainer and his/her clients agree to bear responsibility for all liabilities and damages arising from injury, including, without limitation, bodily or mental injury, economic loss, or any damage to another Trainer and/or client caused by a deliberate or negligent action of the Trainer or his/her clients.  If any claim is made by anyone based on an injury, loss, or damage described here, which involves the Trainer and/or his/her clients.  The Trainer and Clients agree to defend MBHK against such claims and pay MBHK for all expenses including legal fees relating to the claim and indemnify MBHK for all liabilities to the claimant and his/her spouse, unborn child, relatives, or anyone else, resulting from such claims.
18.  MBHK is not liable for items lost or stolen in the premises for any reason whatsoever.  The Trainer and his/her clients has the sole responsibility to safeguard its personal belongings at all time.

19.  MBHK reserves all rights to amend any of the terms and conditions without prior notice.
20.  MBHK reserves all rights to suspend the usage of certain equipment or floor space without prior notice.
21.  MBHK reserve all rights to refuse entry or evict any person deemed inappropriate to exercise, acting inappropriately or causing nuisance to other users of the Studio, without any refund or compensation for the fees paid for the booking.
22.  We agree to maintain the accuracy and the comprehensiveness of the content, but do not guarantee that it is error-free or without any defects, and is therefore not liable to any indemnification thus caused.

23.  The terms of this agreement contained herein are intended to be as broad and inclusive as is permitted by the laws of Hong Kong SAR.  Any provision or portion of this agreement found to be invalid by the courts having jurisdiction shall be invalid only with respect to such provision or portion. The offending provision or portion shall be construed to the maximum extent possible to confer upon the parties the benefits intended thereby. Said provision or portion, as well as the remaining provisions or portion hereof, shall be construed and enforced to the same effect as if such offending provision or portion thereof had not been contained herein.